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Hi, everyone: sorry I’ve been away for a while. It isn’t a matter of not wanting to write, I assure you.
I dated a girl when I was a sophomore in college named Janice. She went to Bradley, and while I could see her for vacations and like that, we couldn’t really be together. She’s been happily married for perhaps three years longer than I, and that pleases me. Really, apart from liking each other and enjoying one another’s company, we had little in common and we drifted apart to marry and be very happy in marriage to others.
Unfortunately, one thing that happened when we broke it off was that I really didn’t get to see her good friends, two of whom were Jaynie and Nancy Wichmann. Jaynie and I went to her sorority formal when we were juniors, and I remember a very pleasant, even delightful evening in her company. Nothing romantic, understand, but friendly and pleasant. I even rented a tux.
When I was a sophomore, I went to Bloom Community College in Chicago Heights, as a result of having been tossed out of a college in Indiana. Oh, I deserved it, and had a hard time dealing with it, but some things that made it bearable were the friendships I developed with several people at the school. My lifetime buddy John Morinec came to the college at the same time as I, and several others, including:
Nancy Wichmann.
Nancy and I became good friends, and I took her on a few dates even–mostly platonic, more like two good friends who enjoyed one another’s company. Janice came home for Christmas break and I took her to the college’s winter dance. Nancy came with John Morinec, a friendly date as opposed to romantic. To my delight, she was selected Queen of the winter dance. We stayed good friends for the next several months, and I eventually lost track of her when I transferred to the University of Illinois. Janice and I fell apart not long after that.
Janice and I bumped into one another on Facebook a couple of years ago and resumed a friendship. We’ve chatted back and forth a number of times, including a suggestion that she buy her golfballs from a spot I use in Florida. I wrote her a note a week or so ago and received heartbreaking news: Nancy had died, her body found by her sister.
I’ve been saddened by Nancy’s death. She was a talented, lovely woman with a delightful sense of humor and a profound faith. I’ve been saddened that I never had the opportunity to say goodbye, and to let her know that I valued the brief time that I knew her.
Perhaps–I know it!!–this life is not final. I look forward to communion once again with those we love, those we like and with whom we share an active faith. To Janice and Jaynie, I pray that you will be consoled in your unbearable grief. Thornton Wilder, in Our Town, wrote that People just wild with grief walked up the hill to the town cemetery, weeping and unable to imagine life without the loved one that they buried in that little plot of ground that day. But sunny days, and rainy days, and life itself goes on. God be with you, and with those who join you in mourning.