With apologies to Led Zeppelin, of course. I’m watching a very fine BBC program: MidSomer Murders, currently our favorite. A new corpse at least in every episode; British humor with the seriousness of a murder in the background; Holmes and Watson motif, a brilliant detective and a somewhat bumbling assistant; British accents, etc.

I’m excited that my writing seems to have taken off recently, I must say: I have four books out now, available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon etc., as well as from Total Recall, the publisher. Four more are on their way: The Ghost of White Island, Gina and Colby (Mousegate), The Cape, and The Third Day. Soon: Marina and Dan, and Max and Kenzie. Before Christmas, I think. The ones with the two names are Mousegate, intended for 8-12 years old kidlets.

Lost an old friend a few weeks ago: Nancy Wichmann, whom I knew in college. I dated her sister a few times, and her best friend for almost two years…quite a shame. Her sister, Jaynie, found her and was quite traumatized, of course. They were twins and the loss must have devastating.

My golf game has gone south this summer: can’t seem to score worth a diddle. But I did get a fine three wood today at my personal pro shop (i.e., Goodwill in Batavia) and tomorrow we play a scramble at Valley Green CC. We also will have our end of year banquet–well, pizza, wings, chips, beer and pop. In short paradise for a bunch of guys.

Jacqi had her 50th anniversary of her graduation and a fine party at Flossmoor Country Club in Flossmoor. It brought back more than a few resentments, on my part–I should have gone to HF. Bloom was so clichish that it wasn’t much fun. I’ll write more about this another time.

Nice to be back!!!


New book

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Total Recall Publishing, Fairview, TX, is about to publish a couple of my books. As a result, I need to get out and peddle them. If any of you have an address for a bookstore or a library, shoot them to me, will you?

To my delight, my wife Jacqi has started to do some writing. The way it’s working is this: I write the book, she edits and rewrites it. She’s been invaluable on the Mousegate books, because of her knowledge of 8-to-12 years old metaphor, and her understanding of their reading level.

So she’s getting co-authorship credit on three books, one of which is out (Jazz And Ella: An Orlando Adventure); one that will be avaiable by October (Colby And Gina: an Ecology Adventure) and one we’re just finishing, Marina and Dan. They’re available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Like that.

Buy my books, please. In the case of the MouseGate books, they’d be perfect Christmas presents. Watch for my adult books as well.

Visit from Steve and Tsao Li

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We have house guests this week, and last. They’re staying with us while in the area, though their house is down the street. They’ve rented it out while they’re over in, of all places, Panama.

We’re really enjoying having them around. Tsao Li is a Chinese national, but green carding, and she exudes happiness. It’s great to be around this sort of optimism and her loyalty to her hubby. I believe they’re going back to China soon, and I’m sure she misses her family.

Steve, meanwhile, is asserting a new direction in his career, and we’re hoping for him that he’ll find something good in the next couple of years. They seem to be basing themselves in different areas, which is, to say the least, pretty neat.

On the other hand we have Tim and Kathy coming over tomorrow from Iowa. It’s Tim’s birthday and again, as always, I marvel that ┬áhe’s even with us. He was so sick when he was a baby that we despaired of his health. Yet here he is, and so happy in his marriage, as a father, and he’s loyal and faithful as a son as well.

Not only that, it’s golf today. So, as you can tell, it’s a day of encouragement, good cheer and love.

I hope you’re having a fine day as well.


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Sorry about being away for so long. I’ve been fired as an agent for the Rebecca Pratt Literary Group, I presume because I sent out letters for a client before the Queen Bee gave her approval. Still I don’t regret it, though. It’s really set me free to some extent. I just work on my writing, and I sent my publisher a new book today–one from the Mousegate series. I want to send him a new adult oriented novel, one called The Third Day. So I’ll work on that for a couple of days until my editor and co-author, Jacqi, while Bruce works on the Mousegate Entry I’m calling Marina and Dan: An Egyptian Adventure.

In the new book, Marina and Dan are juniors in high school, and with the help of a magic Amulet, find themselves transported to the time of Moses. There, in separate adventures, they see the giving of the law, the crossing of the Red sea, the appointment of Levi as the priest tribe, and an undersea rescue.

When I was a boy, I read a book for Sunday School, and while I can’t remember the name of the book, it was a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court motif. A young boy gets transported back to the early Christian church and learns something about the Christian faith, how it works and so on. Made quite an impression on me.

It is my hope that this book, when printed, might be used for younger audiences, say, junior high and high school. i think that the Christian church has done for less than she should to instruct her people in the Old Testament and the New testament in the first century. There Is such richness in, say, the book of Joel, which Joel Rosenberg described as his favorite OT book when he was young.

Let’s talk about the Old Testament this week. Let’s see if there’s anything modern about it.

Watching a new Show

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We struggle violently with the dreck that TV offers. When we find a good show, we generally watch all of the episodes on Netflix. Certainly, we save a lot of time by not having to watch commercials, but we also can watch several episodes in a row. Also, we get to see a lot of shows that we missed: one good example is MacGyver, which was a great deal of fun, actually; Numb3rs; and on and on. Two hours of tv/night is plenty, I think. I’ve written about the pleasure we took in seeing the old MASH episodes–besides Alan Alda’s liberal self-righteousness, they did several very fine episodes. In one episode they used subjective camera, that’s to say, they filmed the entire episode from the point of view of a wounded soldier. In another, the soldier was dead, and we saw the action through his eyes; in another, they had about 23 minutes to save a soldier’s life, and they put a clock on the screen to count down.
Of course, there were classic tv shows–I love Lucy, Our Miss Brooks; All in the Family, Fernwood Tonight, Carson, Star Trek, and many others. There was also My Mother the Car; Me and the Chimp; and other idiocy that to name in print is to be-foul my computer.
Let me know if you have a show you like in particular. I’ll try it.

Back on Line

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I do need to be better re blogging. I’m struggling–are you?–with self discipline. Writing is my business. I have to write all the time, or I lose the edge, lose the discipline, and even lose the desire. Since two years ago, I’ve been publishing well-received books–people enjoy them, I must say with all modesty. If you have a gift–and with all due modesty, I seem to have said gift to some minor extent–you have to use it, or you lose it.

With writing, as well as other gifts, you have to use them. Over the last five years or so, I’ve noticed that I seem to be capable of praying with people who need it. My pal Arlen, in a Bible Study with me at First Baptist in Geneva, where I live, has been encouraging me to step out and pray for people who need it. The big thing is not the prayer, but sensing when I’m with someone who would benefit and appreciate it. On Friday, for example, I had to run down to Home Depot for some sod. As I was checking out, a lady was standing at the counter, finishing up.

Being somewhat of a joker–I mean, I enjoy telling jokes and funny stories–I told her and the clerk my turtle joke. It’s a true groaner, usually producing whacks on the arm. This woman, however, laughed sincerely. After I checked out, I walked into the parking lot and saw her sitting in her car. I walked over and struck up a little conversation. I learned that she is recovering from a desperate physical challenge; she’s a Christian, with a family; and she has a good deal of faith. So I asked permission pray with her and was granted that permission.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but I am aware on occasion of being prompted to ask if I can pray. The point is, my gift seems to be somewhat different from others. I need–as do all Christians–to learn how to embrace, use and be sensitive to the nudge when it comes.

Blessings on you today.

My Friend Nancy

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My Friend Nancy.