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Re: Coven of the Spring

Posted: August 5, 2013 in blog entries

The Coven of the Spring, which will be published in September (we think) is a true labor of love. The main character, Crissy DeRosa, is based on the personality and energy of my daughter, Cara Bruinius, a truly remarkable young wife and mother as well as daughter. Cara, at an early age, began ordering us around–and we saw that whenever she would go into some sort of group situation, she’d wind up leading the group. As a freshman at Prospect High School, in Mt. Prospect, IL , she joined a Son City team at Willow Creek Community Church. After a few weeks, one of the leaders approached me and told me he was astonished at her leadership gifts. “I think I could follow her,” he told me. But they thought it silly because she was the youngest member of the team. Her gifts, though, led her to be a threat to the organization leadership and she left that group.

I remember when she as a fifteen or sixteen year old got a job at Marshall Field’s (now Macy’s) in Woodfield. She did very well, and one time, she got a table with a guy no one else wanted: he wouldn’t tip the servers. So, he got up and left, and gave her no tip. She followed him out of the store and calmly, but insistently, asked why he hadn’t left a tip. He gave her something, and began tipping the waiters.

But she’s always liked to function in the fashion of a personal Holy Spirit, too–flesh and blood incarnation of the third person of the Trinity, convicting of sin, directing the steps of others, inspiring. Rarely does it become obnoxious. When a jogging friend of mine, Brody, needed some office help for a few hours a day, I suggested Cara. She was an eighth grader at the time, and every time I see him, he likes to reminisce about her months in the office: answering the phone, working with clients, straightening him out, on and on.

I’ll write more tomorrow, and draw some things together.


the coven of the spring

Posted: August 2, 2013 in blog entries, Books

9781590951156-FrontCover-Coven-24x36Grace DeRosa, a brilliant research chemist, stumbles onto a long hidden well outside of Salem, Massachusetts. When she realizes that the water contains a compound that she’s never seen before, she injects herself and her daughter, Crissy. Both of them acquire a fearful new ability that begins to warp their ideas of right and wrong, of good and evil. Morover, an ancient cult begins to look for them. Clay and Sharon, two friends, find themselves having to protect 17 year old Crissy, and a cross country chase ensues, even to a sea voyage to Bermuda. Clay realizes that they have one hope: a desperate confrontation with the cult of evil.

Waiting and hoping

Posted: July 23, 2013 in blog entries

I’ve received the first 20 copies of Acid and The Coven of the Spring from my publisher, Bruce Moran of Total Recall, Inc. To say I am excited is to understate my feelings badly. I’ve had a lot of success in athletics, in teaching, in Acting and Directing, designing sets and lighting. Still, seeing my own books in print is exhilarating to say the least.
I’ve had one other summer with this much excitement. Usually, toward the end of August, I would find myself on a chaise lounge on the back deck, alcoholic stimulant in hand, watching the airplanes flying over my Palatine, IL house on their way to O’Hare. I would think about where the people on the place were coming from, were they coming to Chicago on business or vacation, who would be meeting them, etc. I would also like the idea of maybe boarding one of those planes not arriving at O’Hare, but rather going to Nova Scotia for a hunt for the mysterious treasure of Oak Island; to Washington, North Carolina, in search of Blackbeard’s lost horde; to search Central Mexico for the lost treasure of the Seven Cities of Cibola; to seek the treasure of Henry Morgan who stole the solid gold statue of the Virgin from a raid on Panama City in 1600 and Something, which has never been recovered. Ah the dreams of the creative person.
The day is almost here–two of my books will shortly be available. Watch for them and watch for me. If you want me to come to your Town, your library, your fraternal organization, or what ever else, will you please let me know?