growing old

Posted: June 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

I have to go into the hospital tomorrow for what they’re calling minor surgery. This hands me a laugh, as Arthur says in “Bang the Drum Slowly”. The doctor intends to take offensive weapons and show a little device under my skin to keep my heart beating.
I’m really puzzled by what else I could have done to keep my heart healthy. I was on the swim team through my junior year in college, but I couldn’t keep it up any longer–the chlorine clouded my eyes until ten o’clock or so. I wasn’t a spectacular student then (not that I’ve ever set records for sublime genius) so I had to drop aside.
Still, I’ve exercised all the time, running, lifting weights, golf, tennis, my heart doesn’t seem to have noticed. So they’ll put this little gizmo under my skin, and It’ll keep my heart beating correctly. They’ll tell me that I’ll have more energy, be more alert, all that.
Well, we’ll see.
Best day in a couple of years at golf yesterday–36, with 14 putts. Maybe I can dwell on that as I can’t play again for 4-6 weeks.Sorry to sound whiny. I guess I’m a bit more frightened than I like to admit.

  1. Tracey Hagan says:

    Keeping you in my prayers as you have surgery tomorrow, Jeff. Trust in the Prince of Peace.


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