Been a long Time

Posted: April 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hello, Friends:

I’m very sorry I’ve been away. My own writing–I.e., that which I do professionally–has occupied much of my time. It’s strange, but I truly love to write–I love to create things, live with them, develop characters. write love scenes.

Creative people are much feared, I’m afraid. I noticed some time ago that people tend to reject my humor or, at least, my attempts at humor. My good friend Mike Stevens, who was principal at Prospect High School for a time, said to me once, “I don’t know how to take you.”

Now Mike and I were good friends and I did appreciate his honesty. that was something we strived for when I was at Forest View. I remember a very honest talk with Barb Fryzel, a brilliant teacher, about appropriate responses to one another. A quarter of a century later (at least) I had another serious discussion with a woman whom I consider a lifetime best friend, Marcia Hammond. We both agreed that the friendship we had could not go anywhere beyond self-disclosing, kindly honesty.

In these latter days, it seems vital that we work for such understandings. Really. It is not a bad idea to set standards in a relationship that are potentially awkward. Pastor Brian Coffey, a good friend, was chatting to a group of married people on a Valentine’s Day get-together. He acknowledged that sex can occasionally be awkward between married people. He strongly suggested that sex can be satisfying again if people agree to it–time, place, other factors.

These factors, at least, can lead to agreement–more can of course be specified. But then a lot of ideas can go into it.

I used to date a girl who planned everything. We finally broke off, and I think a lot had to do with her lack of spontaneity. She planned everything, down to the nub. I admired her for it. We broke up, her idea, because I drove her crazy with my freewheeling approach to life. Jung covers this in his theories of personality: thinkers vs. spontaneity.

We’d have driven each other crazy.

Hope all is well. Let me know how you like this. Best, Jeff


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