Posted: January 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

When someone looks at a successful author, I think they don’t realize how tough it is to be creative and to write meaningful stuff. That’s me. I’ve got a new book really near–but I can’t get down to writing it.
That’s not really true. When I started writing, I noticed that I would finish the book, and then realize that the first draft was far from the one I’d use. True. I had to do tons more work, cleaning up, editing, re-phrasing, looking for words, all that. And, folks, that’s the way it goes when you write.
One of the things I noticed about when I started was not just how much editing it takes to do it, but how important it is to have others review it. When I write a book, I try to have several people review it, read it in some detail, and make suggestions. I don’t take all the suggestions, but I do take most of them. They lead me into seeing how others see the book, how it speaks (or doesn’t) to them. When I’m writing, I understand what I’m seeing and communicating. My job is to let others see what I do. Others help me make sure that I’m transmitting a vision into other people’s minds.
This election is, I think, going to be a matter of who can put a picture, a vision, a plan into other people’s minds.
Get your own vision tonight. Let me know what you see.
Best, Jeff


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