Been A Long Time (since I rock and rolled)

Posted: October 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

With apologies to Led Zeppelin, of course. I’m watching a very fine BBC program: MidSomer Murders, currently our favorite. A new corpse at least in every episode; British humor with the seriousness of a murder in the background; Holmes and Watson motif, a brilliant detective and a somewhat bumbling assistant; British accents, etc.

I’m excited that my writing seems to have taken off recently, I must say: I have four books out now, available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon etc., as well as from Total Recall, the publisher. Four more are on their way: The Ghost of White Island, Gina and Colby (Mousegate), The Cape, and The Third Day. Soon: Marina and Dan, and Max and Kenzie. Before Christmas, I think. The ones with the two names are Mousegate, intended for 8-12 years old kidlets.

Lost an old friend a few weeks ago: Nancy Wichmann, whom I knew in college. I dated her sister a few times, and her best friend for almost two years…quite a shame. Her sister, Jaynie, found her and was quite traumatized, of course. They were twins and the loss must have devastating.

My golf game has gone south this summer: can’t seem to score worth a diddle. But I did get a fine three wood today at my personal pro shop (i.e., Goodwill in Batavia) and tomorrow we play a scramble at Valley Green CC. We also will have our end of year banquet–well, pizza, wings, chips, beer and pop. In short paradise for a bunch of guys.

Jacqi had her 50th anniversary of her graduation and a fine party at Flossmoor Country Club in Flossmoor. It brought back more than a few resentments, on my part–I should have gone to HF. Bloom was so clichish that it wasn’t much fun. I’ll write more about this another time.

Nice to be back!!!


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