New book

Posted: August 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Total Recall Publishing, Fairview, TX, is about to publish a couple of my books. As a result, I need to get out and peddle them. If any of you have an address for a bookstore or a library, shoot them to me, will you?

To my delight, my wife Jacqi has started to do some writing. The way it’s working is this: I write the book, she edits and rewrites it. She’s been invaluable on the Mousegate books, because of her knowledge of 8-to-12 years old metaphor, and her understanding of their reading level.

So she’s getting co-authorship credit on three books, one of which is out (Jazz And Ella: An Orlando Adventure); one that will be avaiable by October (Colby And Gina: an Ecology Adventure) and one we’re just finishing, Marina and Dan. They’re available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Like that.

Buy my books, please. In the case of the MouseGate books, they’d be perfect Christmas presents. Watch for my adult books as well.


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