Visit from Steve and Tsao Li

Posted: July 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

We have house guests this week, and last. They’re staying with us while in the area, though their house is down the street. They’ve rented it out while they’re over in, of all places, Panama.

We’re really enjoying having them around. Tsao Li is a Chinese national, but green carding, and she exudes happiness. It’s great to be around this sort of optimism and her loyalty to her hubby. I believe they’re going back to China soon, and I’m sure she misses her family.

Steve, meanwhile, is asserting a new direction in his career, and we’re hoping for him that he’ll find something good in the next couple of years. They seem to be basing themselves in different areas, which is, to say the least, pretty neat.

On the other hand we have Tim and Kathy coming over tomorrow from Iowa. It’s Tim’s birthday and again, as always, I marvel that  he’s even with us. He was so sick when he was a baby that we despaired of his health. Yet here he is, and so happy in his marriage, as a father, and he’s loyal and faithful as a son as well.

Not only that, it’s golf today. So, as you can tell, it’s a day of encouragement, good cheer and love.

I hope you’re having a fine day as well.


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