Watching a new Show

Posted: June 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

We struggle violently with the dreck that TV offers. When we find a good show, we generally watch all of the episodes on Netflix. Certainly, we save a lot of time by not having to watch commercials, but we also can watch several episodes in a row. Also, we get to see a lot of shows that we missed: one good example is MacGyver, which was a great deal of fun, actually; Numb3rs; and on and on. Two hours of tv/night is plenty, I think. I’ve written about the pleasure we took in seeing the old MASH episodes–besides Alan Alda’s liberal self-righteousness, they did several very fine episodes. In one episode they used subjective camera, that’s to say, they filmed the entire episode from the point of view of a wounded soldier. In another, the soldier was dead, and we saw the action through his eyes; in another, they had about 23 minutes to save a soldier’s life, and they put a clock on the screen to count down.
Of course, there were classic tv shows–I love Lucy, Our Miss Brooks; All in the Family, Fernwood Tonight, Carson, Star Trek, and many others. There was also My Mother the Car; Me and the Chimp; and other idiocy that to name in print is to be-foul my computer.
Let me know if you have a show you like in particular. I’ll try it.


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