Back on Line

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

I do need to be better re blogging. I’m struggling–are you?–with self discipline. Writing is my business. I have to write all the time, or I lose the edge, lose the discipline, and even lose the desire. Since two years ago, I’ve been publishing well-received books–people enjoy them, I must say with all modesty. If you have a gift–and with all due modesty, I seem to have said gift to some minor extent–you have to use it, or you lose it.

With writing, as well as other gifts, you have to use them. Over the last five years or so, I’ve noticed that I seem to be capable of praying with people who need it. My pal Arlen, in a Bible Study with me at First Baptist in Geneva, where I live, has been encouraging me to step out and pray for people who need it. The big thing is not the prayer, but sensing when I’m with someone who would benefit and appreciate it. On Friday, for example, I had to run down to Home Depot for some sod. As I was checking out, a lady was standing at the counter, finishing up.

Being somewhat of a joker–I mean, I enjoy telling jokes and funny stories–I told her and the clerk my turtle joke. It’s a true groaner, usually producing whacks on the arm. This woman, however, laughed sincerely. After I checked out, I walked into the parking lot and saw her sitting in her car. I walked over and struck up a little conversation. I learned that she is recovering from a desperate physical challenge; she’s a Christian, with a family; and she has a good deal of faith. So I asked permission pray with her and was granted that permission.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but I am aware on occasion of being prompted to ask if I can pray. The point is, my gift seems to be somewhat different from others. I need–as do all Christians–to learn how to embrace, use and be sensitive to the nudge when it comes.

Blessings on you today.


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