haven’t written for a while.

Posted: March 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

I guess I haven’t written because I’m a bit frustrated. The weather is frustrating: I was out with the dogs late last night and it felt like it was below zero outside. I know it wasn’t, but it felt that way. Winter seems like it’s never going to end. We’re supposed to start golf league in a bit more than a month–I can’t imagine that the course will be in shape. I’m not meeting the Crystal Lake/Lake Zurich guys this winter–in fact, I don’t think I’ve seen them for over a year! Most of them are fun to be with, to say the least, but the drive to the courses they play is prohibitive–at least an hour each way.

But the biggest frustration is a severe writer’s block on Gina and Colby, my second MouseGate entry. Right now, for example, I’d like to be writing on it than on my blog, but I can’t  seem to get going. Jacqi told me the ending doesn’t work, so I’m really rethinking it.

I guess the thing that I have to learn here is patience, and the thing to remember is that I will know when it’s time to write. Strange how this works, friends. I get frustrated trying to write, but I know that the story is in there someplace. I just have to relax and let it come when it will.

Yesterday, I used–for the first time in a while–my old skill in theatre directing. Ella and Noah, two of my grandkids, auditioned for  a show I directed a long time ago: “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” I helped them learn to sing the things, how to give an audition: in short, getting them started in theatre. Noah, at fifteen, has a big advantage: not many boys try out. Don’t know why that is, but it was true when I was teaching high school. I’d have to do a bunch of recruiting some times, but surprisingly, most shows are written for predominantly male casts.

We’ll find out tomorrow if they got cast. So that’s a frustration too. Still: both of them had a terrific time and enjoyed it. That’s the thing with theatre: do if for fun! People come to see it to be entertained and have fun. If the actors are having fun, the audience will have fun, too.

More thoughts on this tomorrow.


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