Pebble Beach

Posted: February 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yes, once again it is Pebble Beach week, and I’m sitting and watching the tournament. Yawn. The course–they’re playing only at PB, today, not the other two courses, like Spyglass and the other. What the heck is it called?
Anyhow, I started playing golf when I was in sixth grade, buying my first set of clubs for $5.00. Lest you think I got the shaft (so to speak) I can tell you that the deal included a canvas bag. As well as a couple of balls. So there.
Also anyhow, not one of the clubs matched the others. I had a Wilson driver, which I broke some ten years later. I had a three wood, a two iron, a five iron, a seven, a nine, and a Spalding Cash-in putter–that was it. When I would play with my grade school friends I was a bit intimidated. I remember one kid telling me that he couldn’t play that afternoon. His mom was taking him–like me a sixth grader–to get fitted for his first set of clubs. “Oh yeah,” he said. “I’ll use ’em for a couple of months, I guess. Then I’ll probably get some more.”
I used my five dollar clubs until I got out of college. Then, when I got my first teaching job, I went to Glenwoodie and got myself a set of Wilson Staffs. A full set, now. Then, I used them for the next thirty or so years. Still used the Spalding putter that came with my 5-dollar set.
See you tomorrow.


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