Valentine’s Bear??

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

Apparently so. The tube is full of ads about our need to buy our Sweethearts a bear–stuffed, of course–for Val’s day. They’re showing women thrilled to ecstasy by a Teddy Bear that appears to be bigger than me, and i’m no midget. Good grief. What would even do with such a thing?

I find I’m missing New England–dona and Al in Maine, New Hampshire and White Island, and other places we’ve visited as i’ve been writing my books. I miss in particular the ocean–I love the Pacific, but the Atlantic feels like home also. If someone hasn’t sat on a summer’s day and watched the waves crashed on the rocky shoreline of Pemaquid, he has missed a great deal. I wrote about that place in my book titled Acid. I described how the waves crash, and the wind howls. The huge boulders shoot the spray yards into the air. We sat at picnic tables some time ago and ate lobster–Jacqi’s aunt and uncle had their ashes scattered there–we’ve made a point of going out there every time we’ve visited Maine.

Peace in the heart and soul often feels elusive. Yet when we go to a place like Pemaquid, or Monterey, or the Fox River; when we eat live lobster, tender steak, Thanksgiving dinner; when we stand in a gentle snowfall, or in bright sunlight; when we behold a blood moon, or the beautiful Honey Moon we saw some months ago..then we have peace, as the old song says, like a river in our souls. It makes you wonder why that isn’t the natural state of mankind, rather than clamor, dispute, anger or chaos.

A bit poetic tonight. Be at peace, beloved.


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