Having trouble getting going.

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’m having one of those mornings. I have a ton of stuff to do and I’m intimidated by it, so I’m just sitting, spitting and a-whittling. Well, not the last two.
Spent a busy day yesterday. We met with our accountant, Jim Isenberg.Jim and I taught together for many years and indeed, we were partners in the computer program when it was fledgling at Wheeling High School. I got a lot of hours in CS, and enough to be certified certainly. I wonder if I can, at some point, put together enough effort to see if I qualify for a second master’s. I guess I should spend some time and ask Northern Illinois if they might confer one on me–based on the work I did before I started on my doctoral program.
Jim’s retiring from doing taxes after this year. I find myself grieving about that, I must say. I know I can find another accountant, and indeed Jim recommended his nephew, who works in Homewood, where Jacqi and I grew up. But I’ll miss Jim. What concerns me is that his friendship will just find of fade away, you know?
We can never have enough friends, nor do we have any to spare. I’ve been ruminating on friends this morning. My boyhood friends in Nashville–I can barely remember their names, now. Friends in the neighborhood in Mount Greenwood. Friends at college–though I do stay in touch with Dave Ivers and Tom ‘Rummy’ Hahn. Not grad school, though–nobody, through Master’s degree, and Ph. D. Not from Wheeling except for Dick and Denny. Neighborhoods in Palatine, in Mt. Prospect, and so on.
But the people who mean the most stay with me, I think. Relatives, esp. my family. Earle. Reagan. all the others.
Fortunately, most of my friends are Christians. I think this means that i’ll see them again, and there will be no bad memories–no anger, like that I still feel for my master’s program at Illinois, or Mt. Prospect. Lord, lift me today to be a good friend–to build and maintain loving, kind, mutual supportive friendships.


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