In trouble as Usual

Posted: February 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

OH,well–I guess it had to come. I wrote a blog several months ago that my wife just read. She made me delete it at once, for fear that someone might be offended. I guess that’s true. So I deleted. I’ve been in the midst of an hilarious sequence of e-mails circulating in reference to one of the golfers in our Tuesday league, which is still more than two months away from starting up again. The substance deals with a new driver that one of our guys bought, and to summarize the logic of the argument would be difficult, if not completely evasive. I didn’t have anything to do with that, though, so I’m in the clear.

It has been a gray, cloudy day here today, and our grandson Danny still is here. I took him to lunch, and I’m pretty sure what he ate was okay, but he’s been grumping all afternoon. Usually, when he’s here with us, he’s delightful, but I think he’s not getting enough sleep.

Lovell are that way. If we don’t get enough rest; if we don’t eat properly; if we have unresolved conflict and a few other things, we get fairly miserable and life doesn’t actually seem to work. Everything seems to set us off and we aren’t happy. I remember Nancy Larson, a dear friend, saying to her, “Jacqi, you have to feed men.” Truer words were never spoken. once I have a good lunch–not necessarily huge, but good–I’m fine for several hours.

We also need to get enough sleep. I mean, 8 hours or so of the deep and dreamless makes everything work better. When i was in college, I took Physics at the U of I, and unfortunately, didn’t understand it at all. But on the night before the final, my girlfriend and i sat up and boned through the stuff. I got a D.

The point of today’s ramble has to do with knowing what we can and can’t do: to put it  another, know what we can handle. Then, don’t go beyond that. Don’t under or over eat, sleep, study, write, anything. Find what we can handle, and frame out lives within those parameters.

Taxes in two days. i can do it.


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