Posted: January 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yes, we’re going cruising soon. Jacqi admonished me not to tell the exact days we’ll be gone, but we’ll be gone for about 9 days, leaving from Port Everglades and thence to Cayman, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

We’ve been to the Cayman Islands before, for snorkling. On one trip, we had a guide with whom we went and he took us to Sting Ray City, which is a reef or sandbar on the west side of the island. To my amazement, several rays came over to him right away and he gave them some food, which they clearly enjoyed. The rays suffered us to pet them, hold them and give them some food also. They were remarkably calm, and it occurred to me that these little creatures had, to a certain extent, been tamed. In any case they knew the man who came and brought them food, and I could see the affection of, say, a house pet for its master, both given and received. Very nice.

On another snorkel expedition, we went to the Bahamas and went out to a ship wreck, about fifty feet of water, and remarkably clear. We swam with several sharks, and again, the captain held one so we could pet it. He also fed a shark, a hunk of meat on a gaffing hook. It was fun, i guess is the word, to watch the creature fight with the man…yet again, I had the feeling this was an act, something this man and his shark pet did every day, and which both enjoyed. Nothing wrong with it, not at all. Very entertaining, to say the least.

The point, I suppose, is that it is possible for man to be at peace with the environment. I walk my dogs late most nights and I really enjoy the sky show on clear nights. In a place like northern Wisconsin, or out at sea, the star field is incredible. On cruises, the effect is amplified. I remember when we cruised the west coast of South America, and i saw the Southern Cross for the first time. What staggering beauty. The night on the east coast of Hawaii–I mean, the big island–is something i will have to blog in the future.

Ber st peace today, beloved.


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