Ready for Florida

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

We’re going to the Sunshine State soon and cruising for nine days–our first in a number of years. We love cruising, because the most difficult decision you ever have to make is ‘what shall I have for dinner?’ Also, we get to dress up for the formal nights, and really, I enjoy wearing a tux. This year, I’ll wear a new suit, though with the tux accoutrements. We’re bound for Cayman, Jamaica, back to Fort Lauderdale, and thence to the Bahamas and Princess’ private beach.

I am looking forward to some sun, I must say. Living here in the Chicago area, we are treated to ice, snow, sleet, and minimal temperatures. Furnace blues yesterday. I brought in a company to fix my humidifier, which he didn’t do, and clean my furnace, which he did do and charged me double what other companies charge us. Apparently, they have customers to burn. He wanted to sell me a huge and expensive contract; a new furnace; a new humidifier; a whole bunch of parts.

Once he finished the furnace, I threw him out. That company won’t be back at our house again. I am distressed that we called our appliance repair group and they recommended these yutzes.

Here’s the question. Do these companies assume that they are dealing with bozos? I’m a senior citizen, yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I worked at a fine dining restaurant when I was in high school with my buddy John. I remember the boss teaching me a key principle of business: you don’t want people to come once. You want them to come back again and again. We eat at a restaurant in Geneva called Riganato’s: the food is always hot, the service is always good, and the staff is friendly which compliments the comfortable atmosphere.

Today, also, I ate breakfast with some of my golf cronies. A different meal, yes, but the same quality food, service and cooperation were part of the experience.

I have choices in people with whom I trade. I urge you today: let the people know what is wrong, and let them have the opportunity to make it right. Don’t overcharge: give value for money. Certainly don’t assume that your clients, your customers, your guests are stupid.

Bitter? Yes, a little. I’ll write a complaint to the Better Business bureau, as well as any other sites I can find.

That’s all. Walk with the King.


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