Cold (continued)

Posted: January 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

We had a wonderful dog named Oreo back in the early 80’s, when the kids were little. Everyone loved him to pieces, and he truly was a great dog until the end when he became cranky, sick and stinky. One morning, it was twenty some below zero…we were off school for 6 days, Monday through the following Monday. We couldn’t really go out, although he did. I took him out with me whilst I plowed and dug snow for our neighbors and us. After a couple of hours, I went in, and forgot all about him. An hour or so later, I remembered him. I looked out, and there he was, lying in the front yard, unperturbed, the neighborhood monarch.

Twenty below is hideous. Think of the difference between 80 degrees and 50. Now, imagine 10 above, not uncommon around here, and then consider 20 below. It was staggering.

Still, in all that cold, we had a pretty good time. I started making bread and must have made fifteen loaves–some very good, some appallingly bad. The kids watched some movies and we actually had fun together.

That’s the point here today. No matter how bad it is, the companionship of those you love compensates for the extreme conditions. One other time, on the fourth of July, it was too hot to be outside, so we watched Star Trek, some movies, and played a few games.

I’ve been blessed, to say the least, to live with people I love and whose companionship I value. May you have such an experience in this current cold. God Bless.


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