New Year’s Day, 2015

Posted: January 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

As always my first concern in the New Year is when will I start thinking of it as 2015? Maybe that’s the reason for the New Year’s Eve parties: to make us aware of the fact that a new year has actually come and to help us adjust to the calendar shift. Last year wasn’t all that bad, in deed-I got books published, enjoyed my marriage to J, enjoyed my kids and grandkids, re-established some contact with my cousin and the rest of her family.
Ah, yes. A number of years ago, however, we had a nice circle of friends in the neighborhood here. Four couples, and we did lots of stuff together. Then they got together and voted us out of the group. Jacqi was furious, though I was merely hurt. I suspect hurt was the goal of the effort: a nasty, bitter way to live your life. For a while, I wished that they had come to us and talked things over with us.
Surprisingly, though, I’ve come to think that they did me a favor. None of these people matched us in terms of interests, education, experiences, and I realized the favor they did us. I’ve written before about my neighbor whose life is characterized by self-inflicted bitterness. The others are similar: one couple divorced; another couple avoids us.
Meanwhile, we’ve made many more friends, not only here in the neighborhood, but also in the community, through church and other places. Blessed, I’d say. Last night we had one of our film nights: our former friends would have been out of place and unable to participate.
This might sound a bit snobbish. It isn’t. I can talk to all kinds of people. But people who don’t have my intellect are afraid of me. Instead of pulling themselves up, they drag them themselves sideways through life.
Live life fully this year. I certainly intend to.


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