Merry Christmas

Posted: December 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

I guess. Jacqi and I are all alone. And will be tomorrow, Christmas Day. So, as Elvis says, “I’ll have a Blue Christmas…” See, we’re both sick. I mean, yucky, flu-ridden, pain in the neck sick. I guess we dodged the flu for a while, but now we’re entertaining it. So this’ll go down as the year of the donkey on our back. Sigh.
Over to church at two, and ushered a bit. Then home, and we put on White Christmas with Bing, Danny, and Vera, and Rosemary–One of the best Christmas movies of all time. Now watching Christmas with The Kranks with Tim Allen and the ravishing and funny Jamie Lee Curtis. Slapstick John Grisham: How can you beat it?
But: The tax. The journey. The stable. the manger. The star. The angels.
Do you know: I think that’s the only time recorded in the Bible when heaven and earth actually intersected? They’ve always been separate, unless you can think of a time I’m not recalling. Yeah, yeah, the burning bush, the angel appearances, etc.–but here, in the fullness of time, heaven and earth actually intersected. We saw heaven for a little while; we heard it, tasted, touched–we had a sense of what is possible and what is coming. the birth of the infant is one of the great moments, secondary of course to the empty tomb, and behind that moment in each life when we take the step into eternity ourselves: when we say, Thank You, King Jesus, for coming, for teaching us, for the cross, tor the empty tomb, for the promise–I mean, the eternal covenant. Step in to that world if you haven’t. Leave behind the stable, the manger–remember them, yes, and be thankful–but turn your eyes to the angel chorus and let heaven intersect with earth in your life. Say to him, ‘Right now–this minute–I’m inviting you into my heart. Transform me right now.’
God bless you, dear friends. I’ll talk about covenant next time.


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