Returning to WSPY

Posted: July 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

About ten or twelve years ago, I met my neighbor, Jo Leidig, who quickly became one of my best friends. Jacqi loved her also, to say the least. She stood with us through lots of tough times, to our great appreciation. When Jo found out that I have a background in theatre–like, I spent my whole life in it–she asked if I’d be willing to come to her TV station and do criticism of theatre with her. Duh. Over the years until her death, I appeared 8-10 times a year to review theatre, and then principally movies, which I’ve come to prefer to live theatre. When Jo died, our good friend and station manager of WSPY, Barbara Nadeau, took over the show and I did several shows with her. That included a two way conversation with Dick Baran, my partner, talking about our latest books.
Anyhow, when Barb left, my contract was not extended. Not that I had a contract, or anything else. I just came and had fun. I was a bit hurt, to say the least. Still yesterday I decided I needed to call and see if I wasn’t welcome any more. I talked to Meg Joray, the new programming chief at the station and she extended an invite for me to come in the next month or so.
So, those of you who watch WSPY, I guess I’ll be back. I’ll again be talking about movies and maybe I’ll have my new book, Emerald, to show off also. I extend an invite, too: if you have a movie you want me to discuss, shoot me or Meg a note.
‘Preciate it.


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