Old Flame, New guitar

Posted: July 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Got an e-mail from Janice, whom I dated for about 1.5 years in college. Great woman, fine teacher and wife, lovely family, etc. She sent me a picture of her grandson playing an electric guitar (the little boy version of ‘Lucille’, owned by B. B. King). I played music at a lot of spots in Champaign whilst a student at U of I, and to this day remember it as my favorite job of all time. Making music for others is wonderful, folks. Seeing people dance to your music is a true joy. Even rehearsal is fun. 

I don’t know what the band scene at the U of I is like now. I do know that performing led me into my bachelor’s degree (English with an emphasis on Shakespeare and dramatic lit); a master’s in theatre from U of I; and my doctorate, the thesis being “Using Theatre in the Organization.” I do a tv show reviewing movies and that, I write books professionally–and all this started with a Gibson ES330 and a Standel amp. I love music to this day, and occasionally (to my wife’s great dismay) I sing for people at Riganato’s in Geneva–steaks, potatoes and Sinatra. 

Build on experiences, dear ones. Find what you love and do it. Claim who God designed you to be. I wasn’t meant to marry anyone other than the wife I have; no one could put up with me like she does. Our church has already begun canonization procedures for her, and I’m not sure that she won’t be assumed corporally into heaven. But we’ve had a good marriage because she’s somehow able to accept who I am. 

May you have similar luck. 


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