Film Review: Lone Survivor

Posted: January 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

the latest Mark  Wahlberg flick has him in the treacherous mountains of Afghanistan as part of a team of Navy Seals sent to capture and extract a Taliban leader. Directed by Peter Berg, this film is high action, highly intimidating, deeply moving and completely engaging.
The Seals drop into Afghanistan and make their way over mountains and forests to a village. They locate the Taliban without trouble, and hide, intending to move in at night. When they are discovered, they face a terrible dilemma. They could undoubtedly complete the mission if they follow one path, but they cannot bring themselves to do that, with predictably bad results.
this is a high energy and riveting film based on actual people and events. I don’t like war films typically, but this one is superb. Don’t miss it. It is not without flaw, of course. Still it stands as a didactic film as we learn about several things: what is Afghanistan like? What is the tribal community like? What is the life of a SEAL like? What is their training like?
The local radio station played some lib comments. In essence, they attacked the SEAL mission. How would they feel if their fathers were attacked? How could men go into a village and try to kill an enemy? You try to respond.
Also: don’t take little children to this film. Honestly, I renew my call for a written test for parenthood. This showing had several children at or around the age of five. This film is nightmare instilling for adults. It would be worse for little children. Please be careful, parents.


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