Happy New Year, Everyone

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

One of the best New Year’s Eves I’ve ever spent, really. We said goodbye to our company in the early afternoon, though with considerable sadness. The house is always better with grandchildren in it.

But I’ve been ruminating today on the value of serving others. Here in the neighborhood, I plow snow for people who can’t. Steve, my neighbor and a fine man, had extensive foot surgery and he can’t do the plowing, of course; but there are also widows, divorcees and the elderly, so I help out. I try to do it when the people aren’t home, or aren’t up, etc, so the people won’t feel that they have to thank me, or pay me , or gift me. Some do, however, and it embarrasses me. I’m a bit ashamed of this next, though. My neighbor, CJ, hates and is afraid of dogs. Well, one summer, when our Labradoodle Sammy was four months old, our four-year old let him out the front. He reported me to the association, who wanted to fine me $50. Now, I could understand this if Sammy was a snarling, snapping vicious killer. He isn’t. He’s so mellow that he just walks up to people to be petted. Truly he’d be a wonderful therapy dog, but we haven’t gotten him into the classes. We had to go and appear and appeal the fine, which was cancelled, almost needless to say. So, I thought, nuts to helping this guy out. It was a vile overreaction. Still, I can make allowances, right? Well, wrong, I guess.

But a New Year is here. Six books are in publication, watch for them, I’ll let you know what happens. Love to all in the New Year.


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