request for help with selling my books

Posted: December 9, 2013 in Uncategorized


Since I retired from teaching I’ve been writing books. I’ve just had two of them published, and a third will be ready by Easter, though possibly sooner. My publisher, Total Recall Publishers of Fairview, TX, has been excellent about helping me, but I could use your help if you wouldn’t mind. I know this is a bit of an imposition, but you will have my gratitude at least if you’ll help.

I’ve got two synopses of the books enclosed with this letter. One is for my book Acid, which deals with the way that several people react when they take a drug and acquire powers for in advance of what they should be able to do. Rachel, the main character in the first half of the book, can move back and forth in time.  Her best friend acquires frightening mind control abilities.

The second book is The Coven of the Spring, and it is based on the Salem Witchcraft trials. When I was in eighth grade, Mrs. Stinson, bless her, asked me to study the Salem trials. I’ve never forgotten that: why did a whole community go nuts for almost two years? So Jacqi and I went to Salem and investigated a bit and the results came along in my book.

Would you please send the announcement of these books to your Friends list on Facebook. Or Twitter? I’m sending this to people on my e-mail list. ? Would you do the same?

We did the Kane County Flea Market last week, and sold several books. Several folks said they weren’t interested because they never read books.  Tough for an English teacher to hear that, of course, and especially since these are high interest, fun, and funny, I assure you. Critical reviews have been very positive.

Please help. Send a copy of this letter to the people on your lists. Ask them to send it on, and have them ask if their people will send it on. Social Media is a great way to sell.  

The books can be purchased through Books-A-Million, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. Some local bookstores are stocking the books now. For example, Town House books in St. Charles, the next town north of me, has several copies.

I’d appreciate your help so much.



Jeff Lovell


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