Precious treatment

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

yesterday, I. e. Thursday 11/21/2013, I had the pleasant duty of spending most of the day with my two grandchildren, Luke and Dan Bruinius. It isn’t often given to people to create poetry, but being with these two precious kids encouraged and inspired me. Very interesting, to say the least. I took them to Noe’s place in Geneva, The State Street Diner, where Pam waited on us. I ate immoderately, I fear, but the two boys created a symphony of forkmanship. I was glad they didn’t start chewing the table top. Food vanished as if victimized by a particularly powerful vacuum cleaner. Danny ate a bacon/cheese omelet, Luke demolished a plate of eggs, bacon and potatoes. I was interested by Danny’s fascination with the cook’s work: he left the table and went over to a booth, where he knelt watching the cook prepare our food.

Where I’m going with this: I am amazed as I see gifts and interests developing in the two boys, a little more than a year apart in age. Dan is fascinated by anything that involves using his hands, like cooking, carpentry, assembling models. Luke is a performer, I think: I think he might want to be in theatre for a living, as I was. I think Dan will do something in the trades.

After breakfast, I took them to see my computer guys at MRK in Elgin, where they re-work and then re-sell used computers. Both of them were very interested, but Zack, one of the salesguys who helped us out, offered Danny a job as a computer tech. He smiled as he said it, but I think he saw in this twelve year old a fascination with working with his hands. His intelligence is unmistakable, and his interest in repairing, rebuilding, putting things together is obvious. Who knows? Maybe in seven or eight years, Dan will go up to MRK and ask for a job. He’ll do a good job with it.


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