getting a new mortgage

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Jeez. What a bleeping day. I just took out a new mortgage with Citibank, and while the people were quite nice, and I’m happy about taking care of a bunch of stuff like taxes, insurance as well as the payment, it was an all day project. Still, I have a new mortgage, and the house should be free and clear in no time. Well, ten years. Still, what’s that in terms of eternity?

I need to finish up a book, and I’m having little luck doing it. I’m at 44 k words , needing about 15k more. I just don’t want to pad the book. I need to make it better. And better.

Dick my partner is doing very well in terms of being aggressive with selling his book to Barnes and Noble. I have to do better. If any of you have any bookstores near you, please let me know, I don’t have to mention you, but I would like to contact them and try to publicize my book at their place. Help, help.

Meanwhile, Jacqi and I are hosting another film night at our place on November 15. I’m going to show a romantic comedy, a good one, called Return to Me. I truly like the star, the exquisite Minnie Driver. She speaks with a British accent normally, but she sounds like a native New Yorker in this film. Okay, a well educated New York native. She’s opposite David Duchovney, famous for his role in the very successful X-Files . He is a graduate of the Porn wing of film making, and has made a good break from it.

I guess that I like to teach film more than I realized. Backalong I taught it to terribly unmotivated students, as I’ve recorded here, and to speak to enthusiastic learners–I mean, people who consider themselves lifetime learners–is a joy and indeed a privilege. Jacqi suggested a couple of films> The Red Violin; Raid on Entebbe; and a few others. One of my favorite films is maybe the one that got me to think about being a teacher: Merry Andrew, starring the magnificent Danny Kaye. Badly dated, to be sure, but I still like it.

See you tomorrow.


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