Great films

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, I. e. Wednesday 10/23/2014, I appeared on Fox Valley Today to review some films. Briefly, here’s what I said. A recommendation to see Sorcerer directed by William Friedkin: turns out that Barb, the on-air host and a very good discussion leader, talked with me about her memories of the film, which she saw on a date night with her soon-to-be husband when it first came out. A recommendation on Captain Phillips: this is an interesting case. It turns out that the people who were  his crewmen have a very different take on the situation than the film presents! You may want to see the film and then check out Phillips version of the event. A strong recommendation for Gravity: a fine film, Academy Award stuff for Sandra Bullock. Luke warmed endorsement for Escape Plan, with Sly Stallone and Ahnuld(say it out loud), in a comeback performance. Too violent, melodramatic, and so forth. Endorsed Blue Jasmine, still in the theatres, superb performance by the exquisite Cate Blanchett, remarkable use of cast by Woody Allen.

I like working with Barb–she asks very good questions, directs the use of time well, knows her stuff. But I do have to say–without diminishing Barb for an instant–how much I miss my old partner Jo Leidig. She died not too long ago, but she was brilliant at asking questions, steering the show. She and I had an act we kind of played out: she was the sensible, no-nonsense big sister and I was the bratty little brother.  God Bless Her.

I do have to say how much fun we had last Friday at the Film Night: we watched, Then discussed Sorcerer. You might try this: Invite a whole bunch of people over and watch a film. Then discuss it. Remarkably fun evening. See you tomorrow.


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