welcome back

Posted: October 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s been several days since I blogged, and it’s mostly because I forget to do it, not that I don’t enjoy it. A lot has happened, as I started taking two of my books into local book stores. Anderson’s in Naperville is a good one, but I have to fill out forms, etc. Oh well–a small price to pay.  I’m going to Cedar Rapids, IA, today, which is one of the locations I used in The Coven of the Spring, and I’ll talk to and try to barter with the natives in Barnes and Noble out there. Will I be successful? Generally, the bookstores want to help local authors, but their shelf space is limited–well, we’ll see what happens.

The trouble of course is that I don’t know a thing about selling. Teaching, yeah; writing, yeah; acting and directing, yeah. But not selling. I don’t know how to close a deal. And I need to get after this. Keep me in prayer.

My partner Dick is in worse shape, at least spiritually than me. He’s really talking about stopping the writing process. Sigh. But I do need for him to get going on sending my books to Christian publishers which I would really rather have on my side, though I appreciate and value my current publisher. I’m not in this to be John Grisham, or Patricia Cornwell, or any of the others. I want my books to reflect my faith and make faith real and accessible for others, not to preach, teach, dominate or anything else. What would give me great pleasure is learning that people were reading and discussing my books.

I think the thing is to keep moving forward–don’t give up, keep pushing it. I promise.


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