Film Review: Gravity

Posted: October 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Okay, this film has nothing to do, at least aesthetically, with the John Mayer song of the same name. It’s a rather unoriginal, but pretty good nonetheless, film starring the wholly appealing Sandra Bullock, and in a supporting role (!) George Clooney.
I confess I felt a little nostalgic as I watched it. My wife and I had only been married a few hours in 1969, near Christmas time, when we went to see Gregory Peck in a film called Marooned, about 3 astronauts stranded on a space capsule and unable to get back to earth. And, of course, the oxygen is running out.
Here, that doesn’t seem to be a problem, surprisingly–I mean, that the filmmakers don’t use the old submarine movie riff of the air getting stale. They get a bit more sophisticated in the catastrophe.
Anyway, Clooney and Sandra are doing a spacewalk, and find themselves in the middle of a meteor shower. All their support staff gets killed and they’re stranded in space, literally, with no place to go.
So that’s all I can tell you about the plot. I can say it’s a great ending, and different types of roles for Bullock and Clooney. Excellent, indeed staggering outerspace special effects all through and the performances are wonderful.
Highly recommended, however. A very different, and approachable film with a great moral message as well.


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