Good golf grief

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Talk about a day of frustration! I agreed to let my partner Rebecca work on a contract with one of the clients I’ve been trying to bring along, a really good young author named Kirsten. I thought she’d give the contract, and then send me a copy and I’d start to sell the book. Lo and Behold, Rebecca decided to keep the client for herself. She said maybe we could ‘work together’ on this, whatever that means. I guess I’ll write and ask.

Then I went to play golf. I think I should probably put the clubs away for the season and come back in the spring. For one thing, my shoulder is still killing me. We have to get this bank stuff put behind us: frankly, I’m very tempted just to let everything go and stay with the mortgage for four and a half years, pay it off, and then work on the home equity loan.

Is anyone else struck by the bitterness that’s been showing up in my blog? I apologize. I’ll try to be more cheerful and in a better mood. This has been a bad year so far, as you can probably tell from the way I’m writing. I’ll do better.


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