back again

Posted: September 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone, I’ve been away for a few days. A strange concatenation of circumstances forced me into playing defense, I guess you could say.

Well, we had a big party yesterday. At least, we prepared for a big party–lots of burgers and dogs, but no potato salad, which is my favorite. A cooler of beer, wine, soda, etc. waited. A couple of great desserts stood on the groaning counter–

and no one came. I’m having rather a hard time not being very bitter, I have to say. My brother came at three, left at five, upset that we hadn’t served dinner by the time he left. Huh? Jacqi’s cousin came, which was great, but she was two hours late. Cara and her family showed up for dinner and spent the night, which was fine. But we’d invited a lot of other people, all of whom neither came nor called.

Just as a reminder: when someone invites you to his home, you go! You don’t look for something better to do. If you’re ill, call and say so!

So yeah, I’m a little bitter. Yeah. We don’t invite folks over all that often. Seeing the stress it caused Jac, I’m not sure I’ll do it again.


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