Monday thoughts

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Nice day yesterday! Sox win, Bears win, quiet day at home–well, did have to go over to Lowes for some plywood. Jacqi put up some shelves in our utility closet. Not only so, but the weather has been exquisite. S’posa get hot today, but we’ll see.

Closed Circuit is a MI5 (British intelligence service) apologetic, I guess we could say. It seems like I ought to be able to rally some sort of review for it. Er…
Yeah, I’m having some trouble coming up with anything to say. Eric Bana, the lead, seems overwhelmed by this part. I’m not by any means sure why he’s in the film. Rebecca Hall, the female lead, is neither compelling or intriguing in her role. She’s just there. The only guy who achieves some sort of screen pop is the great British character actor, Jim Broadbent. He plays the part of the head of MI5 and is, as always, understated, solid and convincing. My wife didn’t remember that he had a major part in the last couple of Harry Potter movies, but I did, and that he played Gilbert, the lyricist of the great Gilbert and Sullivan team, in the fine if understated Topsy Turvy.

Disappointing, I should say–weak I really should say. What I said was “So what?” Routine spy caper, a bit less than suspenseful, a trifle incoherent. Rent it, if that.

Eric Bana
Martin Vickers

Rebecca Hall
Claudia Simmons-Howe

Jim Broadbent
Cameron Fischer


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