Waiting for the Bears

Posted: September 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’ve watched the Bears for years, but thereby hangs a tale, I guess. I remember lots of things about this team: George Halas. Richie Petitbon. Butkus, of, course. Sayers. and , of course, j Walter. I met Walter when we were jogging along Palatine Road. He had fingers so long that they wrapped around my hand twice. Ditka was fairly new to the team, and we chatted about how
Walter regarded him not only as a fine coach but a fine man.

Also tough as hell, y’all. Royko interviewed a guy who streaked the Los Angeles Colosseum when the Bears were getting whupped by the Rams. He ran to the Bears huddle and Ditka stepped back and hit him with a forearm shiver.  It’s difficult to exaggerate how unpleasant it is to be hit by a forearm shiver dealt by anyone, but getting clobbered by Ditka would be a lifetime disaster. This guy’s feet left the ground, went up over his head, and he landed on his butt naked backside.

Anyhow, the Bears are our hope for the fall in Chicago. To be sure, The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, and that was great for the whole area. The Bulls were mediocre, and the White Sox and The Cubbies border on the pathetic: both in last place. They’d be in last place if there were a dozen teams in their divisions. Awful years for our baseball teams. Talk about landing on your backside.

Hope, God love it, Springs Eternal. see you tomorrow.



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