End times

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

The situation in Syria is getting worse by the hour. Let me commend Joel Rosenberg’s column today on the subject. At least read the part about President Obama. I love the use of the Word “dithering”.

This is serious because Syria, and Damascus specifically, are a major part of the prophecy of Ezekiel, beginning at the 36th chapter and continuing thoo the 39th. Note that Gog is probably Russia, maybe the ruler thereof. Turkey, Egypt, etc. are all part of this prophecy. I think you’ll be amazed at what you see in there.

It disturbs me that the US isn’t mentioned anywhere in scripture. Prophecy, as you know, is given by God to certain men. They see the future and then relate what they see to kings, to the people, and so on. One qualification for a true prophet is that they have to be right 100% of the time. Sometimes, we don’t recognize truth when we hear it, to be sure, But prophets are always right. They also have to be Jewish. Income level, personal status in the community, personal attractiveness: none of that matters even in the least. A prophet can be a shepherd, like Amos, or a prince like Isaiah. Often they are persecuted because what they say isn’t well liked. But we ignore them at our peril. Moses was a great prophet. Jesus also was a prophet. We don’t understand them at the  time, perhaps, when they give their message.

Is this the last days of the earth? Read Ezekiel. Read Rosenberg’s Damascus Countdown. See what you think. Tell me where this is wrong.                                              


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