start of the school year

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’ve never gotten over the resentment I always felt on this day, my birthday. Every year as I grew up, I had to start school. Now, for someone who spent his whole life, man and boy, in school–including 33 years of teaching–I now think what I did was mostly in vain. I was always stunned by the students I had who regarded as their principal goal to earn a D– for their grade. That meant that they did just enough to get the credit for the course. I always tried to get a good grade. I didn’t always, to my parents’ chagrin, but I never failed a course. And I never got a low grade through lack of trying.

What amazed me in teaching was that kids didn’t want to learn. We see this with adults today, also, ones who feel that they know enough–do the job, then get entertained. I’ve always entertained others, to be sure–acting, directing, writing, music–but I did that not only for others but for what I got. Well, enough, as they say.


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