Sunday morning blues

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well, not really blues, I guess. I opened my blog this morning to find that woman was calling George Bush jr.  a traitor. Good grief. What an idiot.

Anyhow, I’ve had no luck blogging the last several days. Back to school blues all around me–but I don’t have to go back. I’ve been thinking that with my birthday being September 3, I had to go back to school on my birthday many times. I remember one year: we were in Michigan City on Monday afternoon, at my Grandparents’ place. They were both still with us, of course–Papa lived to see me get two of my degrees, which pleased him greatly. He gave me a copy of Hamlet, I remember, for a graduation gift, but I have long since lost it.

But I digress. The water in Lake Michigan that day was clear, the sun was bright, and I was in seventh grade–which would be a dreadful year of being bullied, breaking my arm and not being able to play basketball, etc. I hated school, so I guess it’s a bit of a surprise that I spent my career doing school. Not only that, but I see what my daughter is accomplishing with her homeschooling of her children and I wonder what I could have done had that been an option for me.

My first two books come out tomorrow, or Tuesday. I can’t help being excited. I’ve waited a long time for this, and I’m not being as excited about this as I thought I’d be. The honor, as Worf famously said, is to serve and I think I am serving others when I write. I’m taking something from inside of me and making it available to others. Using my imagination, I mean, to entertain, invigorate or endorse others, has been a lifetime dream.

Lord, bless the children and teachers in this great country–in particular I pray for my grandkids, my son who’s starting a teaching career, my daughter who teaches her kids–and give them grace, a love of learning, a mindopening love of books and learning. And take away these blues! I have to start another year of serving you on Tuesday. May I be worthy.


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