Tim Lovell

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last week I wrote about my daughter, in whom I take no little and, I hope, pardonable pride. I do need to write about my third born, since, in the thirty eight years he’s been with us, I’ve always been struck by how different he is from me. Not in a bad way.

Tim was born about 9:00 on July 22, 1975. His brother, Danny, was born perhaps a half hour before that. Danny lived 6 days, but finally succumbed to something that is much less fatal today, a disease known as Hyaline Membrane Disease. What that means is that his lungs never really developed to the extent that he could breathe. Tim, who we thought was the sicker of the two, demonstrated the tenacity and unwillingness to give up that has characterized his life.

His personal creeds, I think, are 1) do your best 2) don’t quit ever 3) be faithful. I hope that, and am confident that he is following through on these principles with his own children. They are hard to follow, but when they become habit, they become lifestyle.

Run hard, without quitting, without allowing discouragement.


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