Waiting for Arrival

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

We’re celebrating a birthday today. My grandson Noah, who is not only brilliant and funny but tall, handsome and well-coordinated. I am very proud of him, of course, as I am of all my children and grandchildren, but Noah, in his new year, will be entering high school as a home-schooler.

I could, I suppose, wish that he was playing football, but that is not really his passion–in terms of sports, he’ll be playing basketball again with a local association, which is fine–if he wants to play college ball, he’ll tear it up. Cara, his mother, wants to emphasize academics and I understand it. He’ll be working with a Roman Catholic association curriculum and from what I can see, it makes what I learned as a freshman in high school a bit pale. And the best part, I think, is that he seems enthused about it. He loves to read and he’ll be tangling with some terrific literature. He’ll do Algebra 1 as a repeat, and I imagine he’ll do it quickly–a few months.

Best wishes to Noah!


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