Cara Bruinius (cont’d)

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Continuing with random thoughts re my daughter: she is currently engaged in one of the most heroic things a parent can do: home-schooling her four kids. She is, after all, daughter of two teachers: she was home taught at a time when nobody was home schooling. We endured a great deal of static from quite a few people that they were not being ‘socialized’: what we realized was that a great deal of the social aspect of schools, both public and private, transcends the ability of most youngsters to deal with. Cara, and her brother (about whom I’ll write soon), have never suffered from any problem with socialization, with making friends, and on and on. That is perhaps counterintuitive, I suppose, but not, I don’t think, experiential. Cara has a great deal of confidence, faith, loyalty and joy–so much that she homeschools her own kids. She is able to match curricula to individual needs and interests, as well–and her kids are a dramatic display of her success.

  1. sixbrownbears says:

    Thank you, Dad. I will never, ever forget your words of affirmation and love that you have given to me through the years. They are more precious to me than you could ever know. I love you.

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