I Love Lucy

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

I know that sounds strange, but one of my favorite tv shows of all time was, and remains to this day, I Love Lucy with the peerless Lucille Ball and her hubby, Desi Arnaz. We adopted a puppy a number of years ago and we were really struggling with a name for her. The junior high age girl next door, Margaret, came over to play with the puppy and said, “You should name her Lucy.” And, from that moment on, there could be no other name. The name reflects her reddish brown fur, her soulful eyes and the affection we have for her. It also reminds of the classic–and possibly best of all time–situation comedy starring Lucy, Desi, Viviane Vance, Bill Frawley and an astounding number of special guests. One of them was Superman, portrayed for several years by George Reeves. George, a tragic character in real life, had a memorable scene with Lucy on the outdoor ledge of her apartment building.

One show has always stood out to us. We saw a retrospective on I Love Lucy on a cruise one time, and they showed some of the classic bits: VitaMeataVegamin; the candy factory; the freezer; the grape stomping, and on and on. One I particularly liked was when she was in a department store, saw a display of plates marked ‘unbreakable’ and promptly tried it out–she smashed the plate into a thousand pieces. Gale Gordon, her famous screen nemesis, portrayed the department store owner. The scene still makes me laugh, even as I write this.

But as I say, one of them stands out. It is the episode where they are going to France with Ricky’s orchestra, and she decides that she has to hug little Ricky just one more time. She runs down the gangplank, and as she’s hugging the little boy, the ship sails. Ricky stands in the gangway, shouting ‘Jump Honey! I’ll catch you!’ As you may know, they bring her out to the ship on a helicopter, and lower her down on a rope. I can’t tell the rest for the sake of the people who may not have seen the show. It is shriekingly funny, however.

Excellence. That’s the word with Lucille Ball. As you can tell, I’m a big fan.

Enjoy the weekend.


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