TV tomorrow–I’ll be on

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yes, and I’m taking my partner Dick with me. I have his introduction all planned–tell you about it tomorrow. I’ve sold several books–well, not a lot, but at least I’ve turned around some of the cost of writing, which is extreme.

I’ve been thinking about doing a great deal more with Christian novels. With the exception of Ted Dekker and a few others, most Christian fiction leaves more than a little to be desired. Some of it is so sticky sweet that your teeth ache. My daughter, when she was reading the young adult versions, would talk about how saccharine the texts would be. Cara, an outstanding witness, found herself sneering at how the heroines of the books would lead a stadium full of people (or so it seemed) to the Lord in some two hundred pages.

Some years ago, my neighbor, Jo Leidig, came and invited me to do her TV show with her. I’ve wound up appearing 7-10 times/year, and lately I’ve been reviewing movies as opposed to plays. ( I did teach film study for many years, so I know a little bit about it.) In the morning, though, we’re going to focus on Dick Baran’s book, The Jacket, and my two, Acid and The Coven of the Spring. Official pub date is November 2, but we’ll some copies for sale before then from Amazon, B&N, Books-a-Million, etc. I sold several this weekend, as a matter of fact.

Check your local cable systems and see if you get WSPY and WSPY – fm. You can see moi in person. God bless…


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