Back Again

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well, I’ve not written for a few days, and my wife, bless her, has been after me. Screaming, crying, throwing things, looking up lawyers in the yellow pages, threats–

anyhow, here I am again, a confirmed old husband and likely to remain so.
Tuesday means golf, so after dog walks, showers, &c, into the car: I hit a large bucket of balls at Valley Green and chipped and putted. Then, over to Harner’s for an extended breakfast–yummy as usual–then, back and teed orf. My first drive amazed everyone, self included–about 15-20 yards short of the green. I love the irony of golf. After hitting a drive that had the other applauding, I shanked two shots and wound up with a 6, barely better than the 7 I had last week… but did wind up with a 37, best in several weeks, maybe the summer.
Home and leftovers, but we did keep going in the Oz series we’re watching these days.

Tomorrow, next step– sending letters requesting an interview. Then , prep for thurs, and away we ll go. Be at peace, Beloved.


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